Antisocial Personality Disorder Analysis

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Imagine a world where nobody cares about others-- a world full of “individuals with no conscience, no feelings, and no concepts of love.” This is a world full of sociopaths. When a person hears the words psychopath or sociopath, he or she might think “ Oh no! This person is a serial killer.” In some cases, he/she may be right, but in most cases, he/she is dead wrong. A person who is a sociopath suffers from an antisocial personality disorder. An antisocial personality disorder can be classified as anything that causes “personal distress or poor functioning”( Harvard Mental Health Letter). A multitude of different characteristics can define the classic sociopath, such as “the lack of emotional depth, lack of proper upbringing, a failure to conform to social norms, consistent deceitfulness, impulsiveness, and failure to plan ahead, irritability and aggressiveness, a consistent disregard for work and family obligations, a consistent disregard for the safety of oneself and others, and a lack of regret or remorse”(Harvard…show more content…
Ted does not seem to be capable of loyalty, embarrassment, or guilt. He has no enduring relationships with many people. He does not even feel hatred, in spite of the fact that he might rush to outrage. When Ted talks about love, he only means sexual desire or wants for blandishment, material help, or physical comfort. In the event that he says he is sad, he may only mean that he is in trouble because one of his schemes have failed. Because of his shallowness, Ted has little sense of the suffering he causes and almost no sense of how others regard his behavior. He might also exemplify a serious crime as if it is petty naughtiness. Despite the fact that he can speak of himself sentimentally, he frequently has to test the reactions of others to determine what emotions to show, because otherwise, he might not recognize what is appropriate. Ted is a
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