Sociopaths In Othello

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A sociopath is someone whose social behavior is abnormal. Sociopaths seems to be normal people and are only interested in their personal needs and desires, without worrying about the effects of their behavior on others ("sociopaths"). An example of a sociopath is the character Iago from William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Othello. Iago 's motivation for his evil deeds is never specifically revealed in the work. He is troubled and jealous that Cassio was elected lieutenant for him, even though he, Iago, had more experience in the military service. This causes Iago to have a great hatred towards Othello. However, his refusal of the lieutenant is not the real reason for the uproar of Iago 's manipulation. It is about Iago wanting everyone to…show more content…
One trick that they use is a good sense of word choice, and Iago is a master with playing with words, by misleading them and getting the reaction he wants from them. The Early Modern Literary Studies, in their article "Where Iago Lies: Home, honesty and the Turk in Othello," provides a good example of Iago’s manipulation skills when he and Roderigo confront Brabantio about his daughter. Brabantio, originally, does not believe what Iago and Roderigo say about his daughter, Desdemona, and becomes angry because they woke him up late at night. Early Modern Literary Studies also states that Roderigo starts to explain his reasons of waking him up and accusing him, causing Brabantio to be even more angry. Iago, however, replies by complimenting Brabantio. Brabantio yells, “Thou art a villain” (1.1, 115) to where Iago responds, “You are a senator” (1.1, 116). Brabantio is shocked by his comment which causes him to rethink the situation going on, which decreases his anger and causes him to believe Iago and Rodrigo, especially when he checks and realizes that Desdemona is not in her bed chamber. The trick that Iago used against the Senator is by describing him by a noun instead of a verb, helping him get the response he wants
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