Sociopolitical Changes In The 1920s Essay

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The 1920’s was a time of profound changes in the sociopolitical beliefs of the American People. After the inflation of government during World War one, President Harding called for a “return to normalcy”, which alluded to some American peoples reverting back to more primitive beliefs. Although, other Americans turned to more progressive beliefs, and began to express and indulge themselves in an unprecedented fashion. The American people reacted in different ways when faced with the various sociopolitical changes that came about during the 1920’s. Many Americans reverted back to beliefs similar to the beliefs of Americans before the Progressive Era. The government expanded dramatically during World War one, so many American constituents were…show more content…
Some examples of these movements would be the growing flapper movement and the Harlem renaissance. Considered “morally loose” and unfeminine, flapper women were a step forward in the ideals of a woman. By doing things considered to be relatively masculine, like cutting their hair short, smoking, and drinking, they broke the confines of the role of women in the 20th century. In addition to flapper women, individuals began to become more self-indulgent through the rising entertainment industry. Sports, films, music, and many other forms of entertainment became increasingly more accessible to the public, many people began to expand the various forms of entertainment. For instance, Jazz was created during the 1920’s which alluded to the free flowing and popular culture that revolved around the Harlem renaissance. While not every citizen was strictly progressive or strictly regressive in their views, it is important to recognize the disparity between the two views, and also that most American Citizens were an amalgamation of the two
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