Sociopolitical Repression Analysis

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Violence against women has been present in the United States and around the world since the formation of patriarchal family structures. This type of family structures advocated for the implementation of traditionalist gender roles. In the twentieth century, the patriarchal family structures are still enforced by many cultures in the United States. The sociopolitical repression against women led to the increase of domestic violence rates in different racial and ethnic groups. Historically, men were entitled to work in order to bring resources to the family (Breadwinner). On the other hand, women were required to stay at home doing housekeeping work and childrearing (homemaker). For this reason, men were allowed to enforce authority and control…show more content…
The establishment and enforcement of laws were created by men for their superiority and advancement at every level of society. The superiority of men as the dominant group, led to the implementation of rules and actions that in many forms denigrated the rights of women. According to the author “Who wins what in these struggles depends on the resources controlled by different factions, but also for resources for social organization and for shaping emotions and ideas” (Collins, 1990, p.68). The impact on the submissive group created social disorganization among women. This led to the rise of the dominant group (men) being able to commit physical, emotional and sexual abuse of females without receiving a commensurate consequence because they were the ones controlling the system. Moreover, males were the ones dominating and controlling the political, military and economic system. The division of gender led to terrible consequences for women who experience the greatest forms of abuse. Many of these forms include marital rape, which as not considered a crime by law. The inequalities of the groups that the society created dependence and exploitation of another group. The theory states that one group will be satisfied with its status quo, but the other group rebels against the dominant group. Men maintained a status quo in society for long periods of time until women started…show more content…
This research will use secondary data obtained by the NISVS. The statistics obtained were obtained by locating the different rates among different races. The data was obtained in a nationally obtained survey obtained in 2010 distinguishing the rates among Non-Hispanic White, Hispanics, Africa Americans and Asians. The researcher will study the differences in educational status, social class and marital status. The researcher will analyze the surveys obtained by NISVS in which it contains a sample of 16, 507 adults (9,086 women and 7,421 men). This researcher will focus the study on domestic violence rates in

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