Socks By Beverly Cleary Analysis

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Have you ever seen a kitten sale on the street?? Well, Socks of one of them. In this story Socks by Beverly Cleary, a sister and a brother are selling kittens to make money for the mom cat to be spayed. Socks was sold to one couple. At first, Socks was well treated and cutey and lovely cat in the family. But Socks was mistreated after a baby comes out. But after all, the family gets to love Socks again and the baby and Socks become good friends. This story of envy and sadness, and feeling lonely is important to older sisters and brother because they think they are nobody in this world after the baby is born, because the baby gets all the loving and you don’t. I personally admire Mrs. Risely because when Socks having a lonely and sad time after baby came, she loved him more than anyone, and she was nice…show more content…
Bricker is having a baby. The protagonist is Socks, who is a boy kitten. He is named Socks because his paws are white and it looks like he is wearing socks. He is a cute kitten who is mistreated after baby came but being in the family after he hurts himself. William’s grandma is antagonist to Socks, because Socks wrapped her best wig, and she hate kitten or cat. And also, she thinks he will bite the baby. The events unfolds as Socks came to the family. The Brickers saw Socks and they bought him. At first, Socks was loved and cutey to the family. But Mrs. Brickers was having a baby, he was unloved as a family and he was badly, mistreated. He was sad, and when grandma came, she said he has to be on a diet, so Socks was very hungry. So he need attention, so he bit Mrs. Brickers So he was out at the family. But one rainy day, Socks had a fight with a strong, tough cat. He hurt himself very much. So he went to the house really tired, and hurt. So Mrs. Brickers requested Mr. Brickers to let him in the back of the house . So Socks became cute and loved member of the family. And he became good friends with
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