Socrates And Dewey's Theory Of Education

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Education is not a unilateral process. It is communication; teachers convey knowledge to the learners so learners can live well. We do not know when the education system started. However regardless of which period we live in, it holds great significance in that mankind’s knowledge is being accumulated as it is descended from generation to generation. Thus, it is not of an exaggeration to say education has been very close to our society. Efforts to define and research about education have been prevalent. Through Socrates and Dewey, this paper aims to get closer to the definition of education. Although Socrates lived centuries before the contemporary period, his theories are still regarded legit. According to Socrates, there is two types…show more content…
He argued schools exist to teach students ‘how to live a life.’ In this sense, Dewey emphasized education as a tool of not only teaching knowledge accumulated by the predecessors but also how to acknowledge one’s potential and maximize it to the fullest. This can be seen explicitly as he quotes “to prepare him for the future life means to give him command of himself; it means so to train him that he will have the full and ready use of all his capacities.” (Dewey, 1897, pp. 77-80) From this analysis, a deeper definition of education can be understood. Education not only covers studies but is a process where learners are enabled to realize who they are and use their potentials to the…show more content…
One way is education used as a tool of propaganda; when learners learn the byproducts of instigation. As a result, disputes take place. with During World War II, the Germans were brainwashed by their government that Germans are superior to other ethnic groups. It led to the infamous massacre of other ethnicities. It is true this is an extreme example from an extreme situation. However, in daily lives, people do become instigated by ‘improper education’ from ‘improper educators.’ Rather than putting emphasis on finding who they are, the inappropriately-educated create frictions detrimental to social stability. Hence, the society must be alert from this misusage of

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