Socrates And Euthyphro's Argument Analysis

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The discourse between Socrates and Euthyphro clearly depicts a dilemma when it comes to the question on holiness, moral goodness and the will of God. While Euthyphro is of the opinion that what is dear to the gods is holy, and what is not dear to them is unholy, (Indiana University 6) Socrates seems to be of a different opinion. This discourse occurs at a time when there is a belief in many gods in Greece, each god having different duties. The gods are also known to disagree on a number of issues. Socrates, in trying to counter Euthyphro’s idea he opines that since the gods disagree, they must have different concepts of what is ethical and what is not. Socrates clearly states, in support of this opinion that that according to Euthyphro’s account,…show more content…
This is so because it becomes difficult to know whether moral goodness is independent of the will of God or if it is as a result of His will. The Euthyphro dilemma offers two intensely differing sides. On one side of the argument, theorists are of the opinion that morality is whatever God wills. This position then brings into question the goodness of God’s will if His command vindicates what is wrong. Arguing that goodness is the determined by God shows that what is rights is so because God wills it to be right. Theorists opposing this argument hold that morality is not dependent on the will of God. These theorists limit God’s omnipotence is stating clearly that he cannot make what is wrong, right. The theorists then suggest that God has to bend His will to conform to what is right. They hold that God wills what is morally right because it is right. In this argument, I take the stand that morality is what God wills it to…show more content…
As evident in the dialogue between Socrates and Euthyphro, whatever the gods justify as virtuous is unquestionable because holiness is dependent on God (Indiana University 18). Euthyphro states, the holy is that which is loved by gods (Indiana University 18). Something is moral if it pleases God. God being good, He loves only that which is good thus He wills to be moral only that which is good. The understanding of the goodness of God should be done metaphysically and not morally. God being good, His deeds are perfect. He acts according to His standards, which are beyond human understanding. The will of God should be the cornerstone upon which all actions are
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