Socrates Dbq

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Organizations are most productive when individuals work as a whole to gather knowledge and when leaders rule effectively in order to gain respect. A leader rules most effectively when they use cruelty to instill fear in their followers (Source D). For example, a coach on a football team will have better results during practice and games if he coaches so that his players fear rather than love him. A way to do this is if the coach uses harsh punishments, like conditioning, when his players step out of line. This is most effective because the team will know that if they mess up during a game then they will have to pay for it later thus making them less inclined to make mistakes. This will also better the players because if they mess up then they will get more work in and will overall better their playing skills. Individuals should be open minded to gaining knowledge and should work as a unified whole. Organizations work…show more content…
Socrates, on his death bed, did not want to escape his punishment because he did not fear death and wanted to stand by what he believed (Source B). This allows Socrates’s followers to gain tremendous amounts of respect for him because he followed through with his beliefs until the end. This makes an effective ruler because then his followers respect him and thus it helps everyone in a whole. Not only was Socrates true to himself but he also was brave. It took tremendous amounts of courage for Socrates to spread his views at a time when they were not popular (Source B). This also created respect for him because it is not easy to stand up for your own beliefs. Although leaders should be brave, they also should be humble. Zamore, although he saved Sophie’s life, thought that he was nothing but an Indian Slave (Source E). It is important that leaders do not allow power or fame to go to their head and that in the end they still remember that they are just people and everyone is
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