Socrates 'Euthyphro Dilemma'

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Euthyphro Dilemma: A dilemma The Euthyphro dilemma consists of a question asked by Socrates in the Euthyphro text, “Are morally good acts willed by God because they are morally good, or are they morally good because they are will by God?” The problem of these two mindsets create is a running and leading to an unwanted answer, or nothing at all. What may the philosopher may choose or answer with, it may result with their answer proven wrong. The argument of either the action that a human on earth makes, whether it be morally good or evil, can also be preceded by or not by a permission of god. If is god watching, listening and wanting to connect to us, why is he waiting to see the result of our actions? The people do believe he is all knowing,
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