Homer And Socrates Relationship

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In this article which written by Plato, who is one of the ancient Greek philosophers, wrote and he was a student of Socrates. Plato illustrates Socrates arguments with people in society in part of his book. Socrates discusses with Hippothales near the wall outside of the wrestling school and from the beginning they argued about Lysis and at that time Socrates realized that Hippothales in love and he wants to determine Lysis view of love. God gives ability and strength to Socrates in determining people, who are in love or not. With the Lysis, Socrates has a deep discussion about love and friendships, and how to deal with those people that you are in love with. Also, what might be the reason of affecting relationships in positive ways? Furthermore, Socrates was very smart in recognizing those people who were arguing he believes and perspectives, especially in…show more content…
Two famous poets discussed the first, and second types of friendship, which were Homer and Hesiod. Socrates finds out the third type of friendships. Homer believes that people who have a good moral standing will find people with similar personalities. Also, bad people try to be friend with bad people as well. Through understanding Homer’s believes, it is impossible for someone who thinks in a different way from someone else and stays as a friend or become a friend. It means that good people are friends with good people and bad people with bad people are friends. Nevertheless, Socrates states that bad people cannot be friend with anyone because the only thing that makes bad people be friend with someone is benefiting. He believes that no one wants to have friends that are not stable and not act well because in the future may do some thing against them. For example, if two bad people are friends together, they may have the reasons or interest behind this friendship. Also, when they get their aim, the friendship will end. Then they will become
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