Socrates Life And The Apology Essay

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Socrates is known as a prominent and somewhat contentious Greek philosopher of the fifth century. He spent most of his life searching for truth. In searching for truth, he would create a new method of thinking. He would question, criticize, use logic and reason to obtain the truth. Socrates acquired many supporters as his work fascinated them. Plato would become not only a student, but an advocate for his teachings by involving himself as much as he could. Plato would go on to describe Socrates and his encounters, long after his death. Unfortunately, there were those who denounced his new method of thinking. Many people would formulate several accusations against Socrates and his teachings. These allegations would ultimately result in Socrates’…show more content…
“A Pythian priestess of Delphi exclaimed that he was the wisest of all men” (Plato 21a). He wanted to prove the Pythian priestess wrong, so he went on a search to find a person smarter than himself. Socrates was often found in the marketplace questioning those who believed they were full of wisdom and intelligence. He would ask a series of questions that would spark critical thinking, use reason, and rationality to reach an accurate conclusion. Regrettably, he could not find a man wiser, so he believed that he was the wisest of men. Socrates’ goal at the time was to analyze those who thought they were full of wisdom. “Socrates searched the world, obedient to God, investigating the knowledge of others. If they are not wise, then by the oracle, he would show them that they are not wise” (Plato 23b). Socrates could admit that he was ignorant and in doing so, he could search for truth. Therefore, his daily inquisitions are what led to many false popular opinions and played favor in his trial. Socrates also believed in the gods and had clear viewpoints over the fairness of the law and his
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