Socrates Meaning Of Excellence And Wealth

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Meaning of Excellence and Wealth According to Plato (2000) Socrates claims that “Wealth does not bring about excellence, but excellence makes wealth and everything else good for men, both individually and collectively.” (p.10). There are different answers on the question: What is wealth? Wealth is to have money, to have knowledge, or to have family. There are people who does not have money, does not have much knowledge, or does not have family. Hence, they consider wealth of money, knowledge, or family. Moreover, excellence is the same as wealth, it has different types such as beauty, genius, or power. Although people differently think about the word of excellence and the word of wealth, they usually consider that “excellence” is when an one person or an one thing is more beautiful, stronger, more intelligent, or more cunning than another the man or the object. However, Socrates who is wise philosopher means that “excellence” is something like goodness, and “wealth” is a money. How Socrates (2000) mention above that wealth does not create a wise person, but a wisdom creates the good deeds for people. (p.10). Consequently, his meaning about excellence and wealth is correct because excellence is wisdom, justice, and virtue and these things can not be bought for money. Firstly, one of the different types of excellence is a wisdom. Wisdom is not only to have deep knowledge and rests at the experience but also not to realize wise oneself and not to commit amiss things.
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