Socrates Rhetoric Analysis

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I do agree with Socrates that rhetoric is mostly misused and dangerous for both the speaker and the listener. I believe rhetoric is dangerous for the speaker because that person maybe don’t understand how much power they hold over someone. It can be dangerous for the listener for the simply fact is the information they’ve been give may or may not be correct. I think past experience motivated Socrates feel this way about the usage of rhetoric.

One example that Socrates proves that rhetoric is being misused is his example of the physician and I agree because this happens now in the world. So, imagine someone you love dearly has been diagnosed with cancer by a doctor they have been going to their whole life. The doctor explains to your loved one that the cancer has spread throughout their body and Chemo therapy is the only way to slow down the cancer. Your loved goes home and cry thinking their life is over. A few months passed by and your loved one has been doing research on ways to live. The conclusion of the research shows that there is a cancer doctor in South America who has been curing people of cancer but don’t have a medical license. In Socrates mind …show more content…

I agree completely with him on this. Now, I'm not saying that we have an orderly structure universe because we don’t .I don’t believe there is justice or equality. For instance all the shooting on the new now. I don’t believe I can turn on my television and not seeing a shooting. Lets take it back to the first ever "racist" cop shooting that made headlines in a big way. Lets use the Trayvon Martin case for example. If the jury would have been convicted they may have changed the outcome of the world now. There was no justice or equality it that trail. Maybe if the outcome of the trail was a little different maybe we wouldn't have so many cop shooing now. Probably because the cop will second guess their

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