Essay On The Persecution Of Socrates

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Today virtually every child grows up learning that the Earth orbits the Sun, but four centuries ago the heliocentric solar system, where the Earth orbits the Sun, was so controversial that the Catholic Church classified it as a crime of heresy (UCLA). In the age of early philosophy, Socrates’ is well known. Between the Socratic method and his line of successful students, Socrates’ makes the history books. Galileo Galilei turned astronomers on their heads when he discovered moons around Jupiter. Giordano Bruno didn’t back down from any of his brilliant and different ideas. There are so many amazing and philosophical minds, their lives ruined all too soon, leaving minds to wonder, “What would have become of the world if these men could have had a couple more years of freedom?” From religious tyranny, to a constant debate about church vs state, and then the confusing world of astronomical debates, we are given many prime reasons for the persecution of philosophers. In today’s day in …show more content…

Whether they were executed brutally or locked in their own house to await death, philosophers have suffered greatly. Of the many philosophers persecuted, some to the extent of execution, the three mentioned came up with many ideas. Their ideas were insane for their time, and the corrupt powers that controlled their government didn’t welcome them. Galileo and Giordano welcomed the idea that the Earth orbited our Sun. They said that we weren’t just the only solar system, that there are other Suns, other planets beyond our own solar system. This is an obvious statement now, and is taught in school. In that time though, many of today’s scientific laws would be ludicrous to everyone. If you were to claim any of our “recent” scientific ideas, not only would you be a laughing stock, you could be placed into trial and maybe executed. This is why philosophers were persecuted, because of the fear of the

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