Socrates Unjust Act Analysis

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There are instances that Socrates describes the actions that a just person will or would not do. This list of the do’s and don’ts of a just individual is long and at times seems to be an incoherent jumble of individual thoughts that may not fit together as good as Socrates may have thought or hoped. Socrates explains that there is no way that an unjust act will make the actor of the unjust act better off. This seems like a specifically wrong in the sense that I can commit fraud and steal millions of dollars. The act itself is unjust, but it seems that I am in a better position than before preforming the unjust act. However, there is a sense that I am not better off as a person because I allow myself to preform unjust acts. It seems reasonable to assume…show more content…
This seems like a just act in the sense that it is good to help others realize a truer level of reality. However, at the same time going back to the cave is forcing the philosopher to go to a place where there is a lower form of reality shown. This seems like a bad thing. It would be better for the philosopher to remain in his or hers higher and truer level of reality. However, we already said that it would be unjust for them to refuse to return to the cave. This seems like a case where an unjust act will put the individual preforming the act in a beater off position. However, this again depends on what is meant by better off. Earlier I described the difference between being better off in a secular way and being better off in a personal way. In a secular sense the philosopher would be better off staying out of the cave. The other view is that the individual philosopher would be worse off if he or she stayed out of the cave because he or she has become more of an unjust person. Becoming more unjust doesn’t make you better off on a personal
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