Socrates Vs Socrates

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What makes one do a good deed? What makes one a kind human being? Let 's say a man is walking and trips, and another man walks over to help him up. What made that man come over to help the other of the ground? Or, there is a hurricane in Louisiana that destroyed thousands of homes for thousands of families. People from all around the country head to Louisiana bringing aid and supplies to those faced with this disaster. What made them help those suffering? People do not only do good things based on the idea that it will make their souls look prestine for the afterlife. In fact, the afterlife is not on the mind of people when they are helping another. Acting as a just human being would not end based on an argument pertaining to the afterlife. The afterlife, even to Socrates, is not the sole reason one should act righteous in the world.
The Gorgias is a socratic dialogue like much of Plato’s other works. Virtue is the central theme of the work, and virtue itself is the ‘good life’ as described by Socrates which results from the proper practices of several principles. The argument Socrates makes about one living a life of virtue and righteousness over that of a power hungry tyrant does not focus itself around the concept of an afterlife as a reward. Socrates makes several arguments throughout the dialogue that progressively build to explain what a good life entails, and does not rely on the idea that an afterlife has to be present for one to desire to live a life of virtue.
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