Socratic Dialogue: Socrates

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Socratic Dialogue The following conversation is one that takes place between Socrates and a Psychologist who believes that males are superior to women.

John: It is quite unfortunate that we have tunnel vision when trying to achieve an egalitarian society in regards to males and females.
Socrates: Before tackling your initial proposition, may I ask how you differentiate between male and female.
John: While there is a biopsychological aspect to it, I strongly believe that the biological properties are what hold the greater weight in this multifaceted construct. For me the genetic and hormonal differences in the makeup of men and women are a significant component which leads to inherent differences between the two.
Socrates: So, in your mind
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John: When you put it like that it seems like a bit of hyperbole on my part, but I still believe that there is a relation with testosterone levels and these behaviors which can give men an advantage in many facets in the workplace.
Socrates: Well I understand the importance of those aspects, but is there a sense that you might be overlooking how many females also share these attributes but may not be give the same opportunities afforded to males? And that these lacks of opportunities arises from more social factors.
John: I should concede that could be an equally compelling argument for the disparity of gender in workplace. But I feel like there are other trends observed which still maintain my original position.
Socrates: Please enlighten me as I am oblivious to all this.
John: Men tend to think more systemically (Helgeson, 2016) which can be much more beneficial in a lot of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) which is reflected in how more males tend to go into these courses in university.
Socrates: Would this mean that females are not able to think
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Can it not be due to other factors that can be linked to something such as evolution?
Jane: Well maybe there could be a reason linked to the production of eggs being very limited in comparison to the production of sperm which is exponentially greater. This would mean that women would need to be a lot healthier and not be as susceptible to certain disorders which affect those who do not have the XX chromosome.
Socrates: Its almost important to not be locked into a single paradigm, but why is it that you overlook biology so much?
Jane: The overreliance on biology when talking about gender is what leads to aspects such as women being weaker than men being spread out and further inflaming the already sexist nature within our society.
Socrates: But isn’t an average man objectively stronger than a female?
Jane: Yes
Socrates: Why is difficult to accept there are certain facets in which one gender does better than the other… isn’t insisting females being superior to males just as sexist as the issue you brought up?
Jane: That is correct, I have no rebuttal to

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