Socratic Experiments In Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'T6he Scarlet Letter'

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What aided me to grow and flourish above all factors this year were the Socratic seminars. Firstly, these seminars were an equipment in assisting me in understanding a work. Take Waiting for Godot for example. Before the discussion I had no prior knowledge of the concept that the character of Godot could symbolize God or that in the play 's symbolism could be nonexistent. It also allows unknown concepts, questions, and any confusion to be answered. Second, these seminars allow me to think outside the box and ponder the bigger question. In T6he Scarlet Letter, the letter A not only represents adultery, but also able and a visible representation of the Puritan society. In addition, these seminars allocate new perspectives and questions to be unearthed.…show more content…
Lastly, these discussions allow myself and my fellow peers to voice our opinions on the subject matter at hand. It allows students like myself who don’t regularly voice their opinion to take center stage. Above all aspects, the seminars should be kept; they were extremely insightful. Secondly, having a visual aid such as a viewing the movie of the play or novel can be appreciated in understanding the work as a whole. It aids in any misunderstanding, adds a different perception, and a jovial form of entertainment. Thirdly, having practiced for the IOP and IOC during class aided exceptionally in the long run. Having to prepare for the IOC for in every class period during the second semester enabled me to be the mindset of the real IOC, so when the actual IOC came around I wasn’t a tad nervous or anxious at all. Lastly, having activities that related to a work ultimately were helpful in remembering specific ideas and

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