Socratic Seminar Questions: Frankenstein

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Khang Nguyen Jasmine Le Ms. Brooks English 4 P4 February 6, 2018 Socratic Seminar Critical Questions 1.Why did Frankenstein run from his creation? Victor is the type of person that cannot handle responsibility well. We first see this in Chapter 3, after his mother’s death, “My mother was dead, but we had still duties which we ought to perform; we must continue our course with the rest and learn to think ourselves fortunate whilst one remains whom the spoiler has not seized.” This can only make sense if he stays with his family, however, he decides to run to Ingolstadt. He later isolates himself at the school. This indicates that his nature is to run from the problem. It explains why he decide to run from his family when they need him the most.…show more content…
6.How does Victor’s male ambition lead to dire consequences? Victor was blinded by his male ambition and neglected the outcomes of his desire. Men are thought to be able to achieve anything they put their mind to, that their conquest for knowledge and drive would ultimately be rewarded with the same level of success. Mary Shelley challenges this idea, showing that even the most driven people can also have their goals lost. Victor did not see that his neglection of the monster would result in the monster’s revenge. The creature went on to terrorize Victor’s family and life by killing William and blaming Justine. “Remember that I am thy creature; I ought to be they Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel. Whom thou drive from joy for no misdeed. Everywhere I see bliss, from which I alone am irrevocably excluded…” (87) The monster compares himself to devil. He was once good and full of promising compassion, but neglection had led his to be…show more content…
8.Explain the irony in Frankenstein's actions Even after Victor’s mother dies, and she wished for him to take care of the family and to wed Elizabeth, Victor spends his time in science and neglects his family, shutting off contact for 2 years and not returning home until 6 years later. A bigger show of irony is Frankenstein’s constant return to isolation. Even after becoming somewhat mentally insane, Henry restores his friend and rehabilitates him back to his previous health. Although not fully recovered, Victor returns home and decides not to tell his family, but rather go back into nature for more isolation, He did not learn from his actions and after the monster pays him a visit, Frankenstein continues his mission in isolation. (Takes place in chapter 9 and 10) 9.What does the death of William symbolize? William’s death symbolizes the wrath of the monster. William is killed because he is a part of the Frankenstein family, he is a Frankenstein, that’s the main reason for the monster to kill
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