Soda And Mentos Lab Report

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Mika Nijhawan 9/29- 10/10 2 MENTOS AND SODA LAB REPORT State the Problem Does the type of soda affect the size of the explosion, after mentos are added? Develop a Hypothesis If seven mentos to a 2L bottle of Diet Pepsi, then it will create the biggest geyser out of Coke, Fanta, & Root Beer because Diet Pepsi has potassium benzoate, aspartame, and the carbonation which react to mentos. Design an Experiment Materials List: 1 clear test tube 35 original flavored Mentos candies (2 1/2 rolls) 1 3x5 index card 4 2L bottles of soda (all different flavors/types) 1 2L bottle of soda water 1 100 mL graduated cylinder 1 400 mL beaker 1 pair of tweezers (preferably large) 1 small container Procedure: Stack seven mentos in the test tube When given permission take the test tube, soda bottles, index cards, and the remaining 25 mentos, to the designated area Place one of the four soda bottles on a flat area Open the soda bottle and place the 3x5 index card over it With the index card over the soda bottle, flip the test tube over and place it on the index card, so the test tube is lined with…show more content…
My hypothesis was correct because Diet Pepsi has the least amount of soda left in the bottle of the explosion out of Coke, Root Beer, Fanta, and Soda water. According to the data table Diet Pepsi had the smallest amount of soda left in the bottle, it had 620 mL left. I think my hypothesis was correct because like stated in the hypothesis, Diet Pepsi contains potassium benzoate, aspartame, and the carbonation which react to mentos. Specifically, the tiny pores in the mentos which helps the geyser form. Though, the other sodas tested contained carbonation, potassium benzoate and aspartame, have a role in the reaction to the

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