Soda Vs Diet Soda

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When sitting down drinking a diet soda people really don’t think about what makes diet soda diet. If food and drink companies put diet on front of something does that automatically make it beater or even good for the consumer? When making something diet companies usually go straight for the artificial sweeteners to drop the calories in a food or drink, and when people pick up the diet product off the shelf at the store and they automatically think its good or better for them because of just one little word added to the label. But is it really better for you or could these sweeteners be doing harm? Yeah it might help someone loose that one extra pound or help with fitting into that year-old pair of pants that someone has been just dyeing to…show more content…
Most if not all leave a very bitter aftertaste instead of a sweet aftertaste. People also tend to figure out witch on the can tolerate the taste of the best and stick with the one they chose and not deviate from their preference. “Almost all artificial sweeteners have a distinct aftertaste, but regular users find them to be good sugar substitutes in drinks and tend to be passionate about their favorite.” (Anderson). With this most of the artificial sweeteners loose there taste after being heated, this makes them horrible for baking or to cook with. This make them really hard to use in cooking because there are very certain temperatures tolerances when using artificial sweeteners to bake with. This also means that to get the same results as regular sugar when baking the user will have to use more to get the same results as regular sugar. This can result in a more bitter taste in food. “It turns out, according to our reviewers, real sugar tastes better then any artificial sweetener.” (Spiegel). This means that people can tell and there is a distinct taste difference between artificial sweeteners and regular sugar and people prefer the taste of regular sugar over there fake counterpart. Both of these articles have stated that the human brain can tell the difference between artificial sweeteners and regular sugar and that artificial sweeteners leave a bitter…show more content…
These chemicals in their raw state are very powerful and if consumed in their raw state can lead to death. Most of them are several if not several hundred times sweeter then regular cane sugar. But yet have no nutritional value to the human body. This causes a problem when the artificial sweeteners reach the liver and kidneys and get absorbed into the blood stream then move throughout the body. For instance, aspartame, witch is found in Sweet 'n Low, is very harmful to the brain. “Aspartate and glutamate are found in aspartame and behave as neurotransmitters in the brain. Having an excess of these neurotransmitters kills certain neurons by allowing the inundation of calcium. This influx provokes excessive amounts of free radicals which kill the cells.” (Edward, PHD). Aspartate kills brain cells and disrupts neurons in the brain. This can also affect the central nervous system throughout the body by preventing the electrical signal sent by the brain to reach the targeted area of the body. This type of chemical is also used to synthesize formaldehyde. This is by far one of the worst man made sweeteners on the market. The FDA has also put warning and lifetime intakes on artificial sweeteners to help prevent any side effects. “The FDA has also established an acceptable daily intake (ADI) for each artificial sweetener. This is the maximum amount considered safe to consume each day over the course of your lifetime. ADIs are
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