Sodapop: A Short Story

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When I saw Ponyboy asleep on the hospital bed critically burned, I felt my legs giving out. As I glanced to my left, I noticed that Sodapop was tearing up. “Da-r-ry?” Soda managed to mumble out, “ WIll P-p-ony be o-kay?” At that moment I held back another wave of emotion trying to come up, “I don 't know Soda, I just don’t know.” We sat there for a while after we spoke. “PONY IS AWAKE!” gasped Soda i;n between breaths. He had run through the house shouting at the top of his lungs. “HE WOKE UP!” Soda stumbled into the kitchen. I almost dropped the plate of eggs I was holding. A little part of me was afraid he didn’t want to see me. What if was still mad about me hitting him that night he ran away? I hastily made my way into his…show more content…
He was so pale and skinny. He hadn’t eaten in five days. “Where am I? What happened? Why am I so thirsty? I am so tired,” spurted out Pony all at once. “Whoa Pony,” chuckled Sodapop,”Slow down. One question at a time.” he had tears in his eyes again. You are at home. You’ve been asleep for five days, waking up every once in awhile.” Pony looked dazed from being asleep for a long time. After he declined our offer of food, we let him rest for a little longer. Trust me, this was hard to do. I missed him so much. Soda and I were pretty much bored out of our minds without Ponyboy. It was ten days since the church incident. Randy came over looking for Pony. I faltered before letting him in. After all, he was Bob’s best friend and was there that night he died. He went into Pony’s room, and for a few minutes I didn’t hear anything. THen I heard some arguing going on in Pony’s room. I rushed and stopped the fighting. I sent Randy on his way home and tossed myself onto the couch. Pony felt better in the next couple of days. The doctor said he could go to school and he was thrilled. Soda and I were so glad to see Pony up and about the house again. Soon things were back to normal. Or at least for a little
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