Soda's Love For Mickey Mouse

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Several objects and traits can make a person who they are. For Sodapop, the pictures I have chosen are a horse, a smiling face, a heart, a picture of kids fighting, the girl symbol, a picture of sand with a heart of seashells, a picture representing family, a picture representing a middle child, and a gas station. The reason I chose a horse is because Ponyboy has described Soda’s love for Mickey Mouse, a horse that Soda used to ride all the time before he was sold. To prove his love for Mickey Mouse, I have a quote on page 39, “Mickey Mouse was a dark-gold buckskin, sassy, and ornery, not much more than a colt. He’d come when Soda called him. He wouldn’t come for anyone else. That horse loved Soda.” Another picture I have is a cartoon smiley face because Ponyboy describes Sodapop on page 23…show more content…
Like a drag race or a dance or something.” When Ponyboy asked Soda if he liked fighting, he said, “Yeah, sure. I like fights.”My fifth picture is a girl symbol because girls are attracted to Soda because on page 9 (Chapter 1) Ponyboy says, “Soda attracted girls like honey draws flies.” In addition, Soda loves Sandy, his girlfriend that moved to Florida. Speaking of whom, my sixth picture is sand with a heart made of seashells because this picture represents Sandy and Sodapop’s love for her. This represented on page 17 (Chapter 1) when Sodapop says, “I think I’m gonna marry Sandy.” Ponyboy later asks, “You in love with Sandy? What’s it like?” Sodapop replies with, “It’s real nice.”My seventh picture a heart made up of silhouettes with “family” stated in the middle because Sodapop loves his brothers, which is all of the blood-related family that he has left. My eighth picture is two kids with “responsible” (oldest child) and “innocent” (youngest child” with a kid who has “middle child over there head. I have chosen this picture because it represents that Sodapop is the middle child in his family and that he hates getting involved in fights between Darry and
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