Sodder Children Case Study

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Sodder Children It is estimated that 356,00 people lose their homes to fires. The Sodder family was one of these people. On christmas eve of 1945 the Sodder house caught on fire and burned to ashes. Out of 10 children, only 5 survived the fire but the remains of the other 4 were never found. The mystery of the what happened to the Sodder family can be summed up in two theories: Teh Kids were taken by 4 adults that had no help and the kidnapper paid off the police and fire department to keep quiet. While the Sodders were only regular everyday people their disappearance has confused and bewildered people for over 50 years. While some people disagree on what really happened, Most can agree that around 1:00 am “Jennie was drifting back into sleep when she heard what sounded like an object landing on the roof and…show more content…
In fact, the night the house caught on fire a friend of the sodders had seen the kids in a car driving away from the fire (The Sodder Children Mystery). Furthermore, a week after the fire at a dinner a waitress had said she had seen the children with some adults, she could not remember how many, and she was not allowed to talk to the children but the children all looked very upset and sad (The Sodder Children Mystery). COnsidering how many people said they saw the kids after the fire it is no wonder why they think they were kidnapped. For example, a woman who had worked at a Charleston hotel whoahd seen the childrens photos said “ she had seen four of the five a week after the fire.” and also “ The children were accompanied by two women and two men, all of italian extraction” (16 of the Strangest Unsolved Mysteries). Another example is a manager at another hotel said he also saw the children with 4 adults and all speaking italian ( Sodder Children). Based on all the people seeing the children after the fire, 4 adults kidnapping the kids is still a popular
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