Sodium Chloride Mass Solution

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Background Information:
All cells are covered by cellular membranes. They are selective barriers which permit the selective passage of water, ions and other molecules between the cell and the outside solution.
When two solutions having different concentrations of ions and molecules are separated by a semipermeable membrane, there will be some exchange between them. This will happen because they tend to equilibrate the concentrations and the osmotic pressure of the solutions, in order to be the same for both of them. This exchange is called diffusion.
Hypotonic solutions have a lower molar concentration of solvent. When a cell is exposed to a hypotonic solution, it will be a net exchange of water from the solution to the inside of the cell,
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Part 2 - Preparation of NaCl solutions:
Prepare 600 mL of each solution according to its concentration.
Assuming that the density of each solution is approximately 1 g/mL, the mass of each solution will be 600 grams.(mass of solution=volume of solutiondensity of solution)
In order to calculate the sodium chloride mass required for each solution use the following formula: mass of solution=mass of NaCl 100concentration of solution.
For the solution of NaCl 5% are need 30 g NaCl and 570 mL water; for the solution of NaCl 8% are needed 48 g NaCl and 552 mL water; for the solution of NaCl 10% are needed 60 g NaCl and 540 mL water and for the solution of NaCl 15% are needed 90g NaCl and 510 mL water.

Part 3 - Putting the NaCl solutions over the shell-less eggs:
Place each shell-less egg into a new plastic cup.
Each solution will be placed in 3 clear plastic cups accordingly to the following: 1-3 water; 4-6 solution of NaCl 5%; 7-9 solution of NaCl 8%; 10-12 solution of NaCl 10% and 13-15 solution of NaCl 15%.
Leave the shell-less eggs in the solutions overnight.
Take the eggs out and rinse them with water and wipe them with a paper
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Raising the concentration of the NaCl solution, it is also increased the osmolarity of the solution becoming less hypotonic compared to the egg. This is why it was observed a decrease in mass change with the increase of concentration of the NaCl solution. It can be stated that the osmolarity of the egg is higher than the osmolarity of a 15% NaCl solution. We will need higher concentrations of the NaCl solution in order to assess

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