Sodium Girls Play Analysis

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Radium Girls; Life and Death
The play I saw on Sunday evening was Radium Girls directed by Betsey Bishop. Radium Girls is a tragedy in its own way because it was about women dying and powerful men not caring. I would give this play six out of ten stars since I wasn't able to follow exactly what was happening the entire play but the acting was phenomenal. The students at Ashland High School showcased a play about female factory workers, around the 1917s, who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch dials with self-luminous paint.
Radium Girls follows the efforts of Grace Fryer, a dial painter, as she fights for her day in court. The same element that shrinks tumors is killing the girls around her and now Grace has become ill. But before she realizes that she is, her co-worker and friend dies from the radium which they use to paint the dials with on the watches. Grace becomes grief stricken, no one is telling her the truth about her friend's death and that just makes it even more confusing for her when she starts to have the same symptoms. With this her life goes down the
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Roeder. They both had a way to them that made you look twice and know that they were the important characters of the story. Grace was the heroine and Mr. Roeder was almost like the villain, polar opposites but when placed together gave incredible performances. Grace’s actor, Amelia, gave her all to the performance and you could tell. She kept up when Grace started to have to limp, even when leaving the stage in the dark. Amelia made it seem as if she was truly in distress at the right scenes, happy and upbeat in others, and interesting when the play got intense. Mr. Roeder, aka Liam, had almost the same presence on stage but in a different way. He was both evil but also unknowing of what his company was doing so that made you sad for him, especially when he went home to his family and acted as if nothing was

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