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Soft Corn between Toes
If you are used to wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes, you are prone to develop soft corn between toes. These are like the hardened skin (corn) on top of your toes, but they tend to be red, tender, with a thin and smooth center. Don’t worry; even if they are irritating and painful, they are just your body’s way of protecting your feet from too much friction and pressure from your shoes. They may also develop due to moisture trapped in your shoes or due to the presence of bone spurs. However, since soft corn between toes are prone to infection, you must give them attention to prevent complications.
Part 1: What Causes Soft Corn between Toes?
Calluses and corns on your feet usually develop when you use ill-fitting shoes or
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However, if you develop a thickening or irritation even if there is no source of friction or pressure, consult your doctor for evaluation. It may not be a corn or callus, but a wart or foreign body embedded under the skin. Your feet are usually moist inside your shoes and this is an ideal environment for fungal or bacterial growth. Infection can develop when bacteria enter the soft corn between toes through breaks in your skin, causing your infected skin to release pus or fluid.

Part 2: How to Treat Soft Corn between Toes
1. Cleaning the Affected Area.
First clean the area where you have soft corn between toes. Use warm water and mild soap. Rub off the top layer of the corn with a washcloth. Rinse your feet, then part dry the toes using clean towel.

2. Medicated Corn Removal Pads
If scrubbing the corns is not enough to get rid of them, use medicated corn pads to remove them. These are available in most drugstores. Place the pads on dry skin. They will also cushion the corns and prevent them from rubbing against other toes, thus promoting healing. If you are using the non-medicated pads, apply salicylic gel on the toes before placing

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