Soft Drinks Market Analysis

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Dealer survey or retailer survey is one of the most accurate methods to known about the market share of a company and it is especially true for soft drinks companies. Soft drink market is typically characterized by changes in the stock position every day.
In order to have a good knowledge about the market and the route it was important for me to move along with the Pepsi vehicle. This helped me to know about

 Number of dealers in the choker market
 Location of the dealers
 Type of dealers
 Market share

Learning in the classrooms and learning practically are two different things. So for the first 10 days I moved along with the Pepsi vehicle interacting with the retailers and trying to build up a rapport with them. From this I also came
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 Eatery which includes restaurants, fast food joints etc.
Number of total outlets
Total number of outlets: 220

Outlet type Outlet numbers

The market shares of Pepsi and Coca cola of Hosur Road, Bommanahalli, parappana agrhara and Electronic city are being determined in the subsequent pages of every outlet.

 Company must avail new route vehicle to cater properly to the retailers. Company must explore the interior areas and try to make new outlets over there.
 Company must regularly monitor on the distributors.
 Supply of the products should be properly maintained in order of not loosing the customer.
 Company must provide a gift or bonus to the salesman and distributors.
 Company must distribute a gift and schemes through a proper
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Only then it will have positive impact on sales.
A good understanding of the market was accomplished as around 200 outlets were spoken to and that group consisted of a variety of people and customers. This even helped in the polishing of communication skills, a must-have to survive and make it big in the present world. It even gave a good understanding of behavior of channel people and customers when placed in different situations. It was a good opportunity to work on the skill of patience, as a large number of outlets were to be dealt with. It helped in developing the kind of relations one needs to uphold in the corporate world and it helped in building up the right attitude.
As all the points in the above mentioned paragraph, are the must-have skills for anyone inthe field of Marketing and Sales, the training period was a good experience and a good stepping stone into the real business world.
As a future line of research, the Marketing and Sales could offer projects like’
 Analysis Impact of advertisements on the Sales of a particular

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