Soft Rock Music Analysis

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About the genre 1. This genre of music is what would be concidered early soft rock 2. Soft rock orginates from folk rock, which uses a lot of acoustic instruments and puts a lot of emphasis on the melody. 3. There were many differnt famous artists in the soft rock genre. Some of these include Billy Joel, Chicago, and The Carpenters. 4. This genre was incredibly influential to other artists and other genres. Without this genre certain bands could have never even been formed as well as different genres of music. 5. Many different influential genres of music were born out of soft rock. Some of these genres include Sophisti-pop, pop rock, and adult contemporary music. 6. When it comes to soft rock of the caliber of "I only have eyes for you"…show more content…
Some of the comon traits of soft rock music is that it is very melodic and often puts a lot emphasis on vocal harmonies. Intruments that are comon in this gerne are acoustic guitars, pianos, synthazisers. Then wehn it comes to the comon themes that are in soft rock, they almost all seem to talk about love and romance. Mostly love, everyday life, and relationships, these all seem to be very popular themes in this genre. About the song 1. The title of the song is "I only have eyes for you" by The Flamingos 2. The song is about a guy being blindingly in love with someone, so much so that nothing else matters. 3. It sounds like the song has instuments concisting of a guitar, a piano, and a jazzset. 4. Well since the song is a love song I cant really connect to it because I dont think that I have ever really been "In love". I do however like the line "maybe millions of people go by, But they all disaper from view, and I only have eyes for you". It makes me wonder just how lovestruck people can get when they find someone they really care for. 5. I really enjoy the main vocalists voice, he has a certain sound to him that I find myself often enjoying. I also really enjoy the intrumetals as well, they are very slow and
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