Soft Skills Analysis

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The current study is a Qualitative Analysis of 15 previously researched studies on the importance of soft skills among college students focusing on engineering students. The review of literature supports the fact that students at an undergraduate/ post graduate level require training in soft skills and leadership skills. The researcher discusses the importance of soft skills and training among college students taking support of the literature review and her experience in the field.
Keywords: Soft Skills , Leadership Development, Training, College Students, Qualitative Analysis, Meta-Analysis

Importance of Soft Skills Training Among College Students: A Meta-Analysis

Employability and Job Readiness are two of the greatest aspects
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Although not many institutions give prominent importance to these skills, there are some schools and colleges that have started giving importance to training their students in soft skills like communication and language skills, interpersonal and social skills, emotional intelligence, personal ethics, people management and leadership skills, time and stress management, negotiating and persuading skills, etc.
‘Soft skills’ refers to the skills which display maintaining healthy relationships with people around, or which portray how one manages the balance between work and life. Others words/phrases that can be used instead of Soft Skills are ‘Transferable Skills’ ‘People Skills’, ‘Social Skills’ and ‘Interpersonal Skills’.
‘Training’ refers to the activities that are organized, which are aimed at exposing the recipients to an information and/or instruction to enhance their performance or to help them acquire the skills required to accomplish any challenges in both, their personal and professional lives.
The current study throws light on importance of training students in the college level in these skills with equal importance to technical and hard skills to mould them into assertive, proactive and efficient assets to any organisation/ team, when they start their
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The article stated the need of IT companies where the employers look for candidates who display certain job related soft skills. It stated that many employers were aware lot of candidates waiting to get a job but felt that most of them were not ‘qualified’ where they referred to qualified for job related soft skills.
Latika Sahni (2011) described the relevance of Management Development Programs even for the students pursuing professional courses. The article described the design essentials of applicable training program. The study explained several key influencing factors of managerial skills. The findings of the training were based on the feedback from the participants. The result revealed significant impact of the training on certain skills observed in the study.
J Parasuraman et al. (2015) focused on the most important elements that should be kept in mind to attain employability and job related skills. It distinguished, implied and transformed some sets of skills to use the potential prospect available. The study concluded that Practical knowledge and execution and performance in campus projects help students in developing corporate
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