Soft Skills In The Workplace

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Padhi (2014) defined soft skills as communication skills, interpersonal skills, and ability to work with others, and so on. It includes a range of abilities that includes work ethics, courtesy, teamwork, self-discipline and self-confidence, professional presence, language proficiency, cultural sensitivity, communication skills, ability to accept and learn from criticism, ability to handle client relationships, networking, creativity, ability to motive yourself and lead others, time management, leadership and interpersonal skills.
It is clearly important for young graduates to have soft skills because it adds value to their qualifications. Soft skills create uniqueness and individualism which is what the industry is looking for. Pauw, Oosthuizen
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But beyond these job-specific technical skills, certain skills are nearly universally sought by employers. Quest Staffing Solutions (QSS), (2014) stated that practical work experience is also crucial for attaining the appropriate skills and for future employment prospects. The young generation who are ready to enter the workforce require any opportunity for practical skills transfer and experience through public and private sector training, learner-ships and internships.
Singh and Singh, (2008) argued that many graduates leave universities with insufficient soft skills and understanding which are necessary to succeed in the working world. Pauw, Oosthuizen and Van der Westhuizen (2008) stated that while unemployment among low-skilled labour market participants remains stubbornly high, a severe shortage of skilled workers exists. Therefore, based on the above literature of Singh and Singh (2008) and Pauw, Oosthuizen and Van der Westhuizen (2008), it is clear that soft skills play a vital role in the life of graduates after completion of their
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In many technical professions, the close focus of education and training is on technical topics related to a career or discipline. Students are generally concerned to master various mathematics skills, science skills and technical skills directly related to the specific disciplines they are planning to enter. Though this learning is essential to their success yet the fast-paced and global marketplace of today demands more competencies in soft

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