Soft Skills Essay

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. The rise of globalized business and financial services in the cities is giving rise to career and income structures that are distinctly different from those in the manufacturing industry. This new career structure consists of a mix of high-skilled, high-paying jobs and low-skilled, low-paid jobs. Technically, soft skills are likely to enhance the flexibility among all kinds of employers and improve the image of corporate. Therefore, employers are more attached to soft skills than traditional ones has become a development trend. A significant change also happened in employers’ attitudes towards skills, that is soft skills have become more important than technical skills. (Hillage et al., 2002). According to the research conducted by Grugulis and Vincent (2009), highly skilled workers such as IT professionals are more likely to benefit a lot from soft skills, as soft skills can bring…show more content…
The ambiguous skill definition and gender stereotypes pose a great threat to employees during use. Soft skills in the practice of labor market are notoriously difficult to measure and our participant evaluation are at this point still being subjectively assessed. Ethical issues inevitably occur as well. There are some worrying about the gender inequality for female workers as they are more represented in low-skilled service sectors. For female service workers, they should be valued by the whole labor market, not just get acknowledged by their ‘natural’ feminine traits. In addition, it has been suggested that in a number of professions soft skills are more important over the long term than technical skills. The trend that ‘marginalizing hard skills and privileging soft skills’ (Grugulis and Vincent, 2009, p.597) has led to the polarization among different skills, which increase the pay inequality and between high-skilled and low-skilled
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