Soft Skills In Nursing

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Soft skills Soft skills can make or break our career. It can learn through practical experience and improved. It are needed every day our life. Soft skills are mirror of our behaviour, belief and attitudes.

According to Wikipedia[23 July 2015] “Soft skills is a term often associated with person’s “EQ”[Emotional intelligence Quotient],the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, inter personal skills managing people, leadership, etc. that characterize relationships with other people.

Author discuss about five topics which are communication skills, team work capability, critical and structured thinking, problem solving skills and time management.

Communication skill

Nair. H. [27 July 2014] sates
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Decision making skills
Nurses have to use good judgement & make quick decisions about the patient’s care. They decide when to administer treatment or medications that are prescribed “as needed” and they respond to unexpected patient needs throughout the day. Nurses have to use their judgment & balance what they know about the individual patient, that patient’s need & the lithely consequences of their decisions.

Decision making process is 1st defer the problem, establish the criteria, consider all the alternates, identify the best alternate, develop & implement a plan of action, finally evaluate & monitor the solution & feedback when necessary
• Health care decision making is associated with uncertainty & health care professionals have to deal with this uncertainty in their decision making
• Key policy drives have led to the development of an evidence based culture in health care with a focus on the equality of decisions than care professionals.
• Judgements & decision making are intricately linked & one cannot be examined without an understanding of the one.
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