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Lesson 9 Essay: Soft Skills Soft skills are one of the most essential qualities that a person needs in order to be successful in a work environment. Soft skills are described as being “people skills”, meaning that a person with who has these finesses would not only be polite to others, nevertheless would also put forth their best effort in supporting both their colleagues, as well as customers that may need their help. There are many ways that a person can be tested on whether or not they obtain soft skills. One of the popular ways to achieve this is asking specific questions within interviewing the possible future employee relative to how they work with people and what their experiences have been like with customers in the past. While this…show more content…
After I hired the amount of employees that I would need, I would give them a couple weeks to warm up in the current job setting and producing acquaintances with their unfamiliar colleagues. After I felt that all the employees were fully trained and comfortable in the brand-new job, I would send in one of my colleagues (such as a manager) and have them dress undercover. I would then have them go into the company and set up different scenarios that a regular customer may do/ask, such as asking about a product that was being sold in the store, asking them questions surrounding the company in general, making small talk (possibly asking if they fancied working there), etc. I would probably send in roughly three different managers over the course of a couple weeks to determine how the employees were doing. After this, I would have a meeting with all of the managers who went into the company undercover, and privately would discuss what skills the employees utilized and which ones they didn’t, if they were friendly or not, how helpful, they were,

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