Soft Universalism: Ethical Theory

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Response Paper #1 Universalism is a religious, theological and philosophical concept that is applied universally or has universal application. Soft Universalism is an ethical theory that states “although humans may not agree on all moral rules or all customs, there are a few bottom-line rules we can agree on, despite our different ways of expressing them. “ Hard Universalism, also known as absolutism, is another ethical theory, this one states “there is a universal set of moral rules that can and should be followed by everybody.” There is a strong relationship between the two theories; they both have a set of universal morals that can be applied to every individual.
However, soft universalism has a lot more understanding than hard universalism.
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We have, in the past, encountered cultures that killed off some babies in order to ensure the survival of the other babies in the family; however, they had enough to ensure the continuation of the group. We have also encountered religious groups that refused to reproduce, and the cultures have faded out into nonexistence because they had no children to carry on in their place.
Hard universalism on the other hand is more set in stone. It is more, this is morally right, this is morally wrong, and there is no room for argument. It does in some effect have a conflict solving component to it, “this is wrong don’t argue it” that’s it, end of conflict. Most people will explain and draw out why this or that is wrong.
I think that I personally side more with soft universalism. Every culture has their own values and traditions, if I am in another culture, it more than likely doesn’t affect me personally what they do in their culture, so why should I care? Now, if I moved to a culture where I didn’t like their traditions then I would move away. Shouldn’t the same be true for Ethics? I imagine that it is very hard to find a common ground with something that you grew up learning is wrong, but if you weren’t born into it you should at least try. For example, the book tells about the Inuk tribe killing off their babies, but it was for the survival of the children they already had. For a lot of people that would probably make them sick to think about it, but I think
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