The History Of Softball

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History of Softball

It’s the championship game, last inning, two outs, bases are loaded, the game is tied, winning run is on third base, the pitcher throws the ball and “BOOM” the batter hits the game winning home run! The feeling someone gets in this situation is unbelievable. The game itself is unbelievable. Softball was invented long ago, it is not like baseball, and there are many different levels of the game. “The history of softball dates back to thanksgiving day of 1887 when several alumni sat in Chicago, Illinois Farragut Boat Club, anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Yale versus Harvard football game”. This shows how the game of softball started. A guy threw an old glove at an opposing fan, and he hit the glove with an old stick.
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In 1930 the name stuck and it became the sports official name. Some people still call it “Cabbage ball” or “Super slow ball”. In 1934 the Joint Rules Committee made standard rules. The committee changed the ball size to ten to twelve inches, this is a big change considering the first ball was 16 inches. Softball is now one of the most preferred games in the country. (Frank)
Softball was finally moved to the outdoors in 1952. Softball is very popular, and estimate of forty million Americans engage in at least one game a year. There are players that start at age eight, and there are some that play at age sixty. The game is not just loved by America, Australia, China, and Japan all love the game. Some think that just because softball is played outside it’s just a summer sport. The game is played year round.
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Recreational ball is more town team than travel team. Recreational ball lets the player discover more positions in the game. Travel ball is a serious level that could even get your future started. Recreational ball is just a fun team where everybody plays the same amount of time and the players can make some new friends, whereas travel ball is a team that plays to win, that has tryouts, and that actually travels. Recreational teams play two months out of the summer, and travel teams play all summer and even indoors in the winter. Recreational ball has a type of tournament at the end of their season, and travel ball has tournaments every time they play.
In conclusion, the sport of softball has evolved over the years and has given people the opportunity to play at all different levels. Softball is its own unique sport and played and enjoyed by many athletes around the world.
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