Personal Narrative: A Day At A Football Team

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The announcement came over the intercom during my P.E. class. “Any jr. high girl who tried out for softball needs to see Coach Cooper.” I was excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. I only tried out for fun. I didn't know anything about softball at the time. It was the first week of my 7th grade year. I realized that i haven't really done any sports besides cheer. I wanted to try new things. My dad played “softball” with people he works with. I went to a lot of his games and decided I wanted to play. I was sitting in my social studies class when the intercom announced, “any jr high girls wanting to play softball report to room 310.” Me and two of my other friends went to the room. There wasn't that many people in there. The coach…show more content…
The numbers of who made it would be posted on a piece of paper by his door. I just knew i wasn't going to make it. There were people on the team that were in 8th grade at the time, so they played the year before. There was no way I could make it. I didn't even know how play. I got off of the bus and went straight to the classroom but there was nothing on the wall. The light were turned off and the door was shut so he couldn't have been in there. I turn my head and saw a few of the people that tried out also. I went and told them that the team had not been posted yet. They turned right around and went into the commons area. When the bell rang me and one of my friends that tried out went to go look by the door once again. It was still not there. So I went on with the day and when I was in my 3rd block, which was PE, they announced on the intercom “Any jr. high girl who has tried out for softball go to Coach Cooper’s classroom.” Me and 3 other girls in that class left to go to room 310. The paper was hung up right beside the door. Everyone was almost tripping over each other trying to see the paper. There were 13 numbers on the paper. I looked down and saw mine. I was happy that I made the team but scared because I only tried out for fun. I didn't know anything about softball at the time. Our coach was standing outside the door and told the people who made it to come into his classroom. He handed us a few papers that told us when and what time we would practice. The paper said Monday- Thursday 3:30-5:30. There were only three 7th graders on the team, including me. The rest were 8th
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