Softball Pitcher Research Papers

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POP! The sound of the softball in the glove brought a smile to my face! I threw on my dark green softball uniform, not knowing that today I was going to be the newest softball pitcher on the team! Being a softball pitcher was tough at first, but every day that I had practiced, I got better and better. Having a dad that is a softball coach, has also motivated me to work my hardest, and do my best. I was only in third grade, when I decided to become a softball pitcher. I worked every day, doing the best that I could. Sometimes I was right in the strike zone, other times it was “miles” over the catcher's head. For a small 9 year old girl I guess I was pretty good. I had always admired Jennie Finch, wanting to be like her someday. Taking many pitching …show more content…

My dad and I watched many videos, by Jennie Finch, learning the main steps to become a successful pitcher. After hours of practicing we headed inside to eat my favorite dinner, lasagna! That week, our softball game was in Forest Lake, Minnesota. It was a little chilly, and gloomy that day. But that didn’t bother me! Going into this game, I knew we were going to lose. And I thought I was going to do what I did best, playing shortstop. But in the third inning, coach Jason changed my life! He put me in at the pitcher’s mound. Coming in the dugout from being at bat, I take the helmet off and toss it in the bag, just as coach Jason starts calling out positions. “Number 2, outfield, number 12, third base, number 8, shortstop.” I stared in disbelief. “Number 13, pitcher.” Everyone turns in my direction. Even though we lost, that final moment that I jogged off the field, every one of my teammates smiled, and gave me a high five. As I gathered my things, I went over to my family. “You did an amazing job for your first time!” They all say in unison. Making it seem like it was rehearsed. This event has inspired me to become a better pitcher, not just for myself but for my team! With the help and inspiration of many other coaches and camps, I have become the pitcher that I am

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