Softball Player Monologue

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Do you know who you are? I’m not just talking about your name and age. What I’m talking about goes way deeper than that. Anyways, there’s this girl who’s so desperate to find out who she really is. Sure, she knows what her dislikes and likes are, but what else does she know? She knows she’s a softball player, she knows how much she loves the game. What she doesn’t know is what else there besides is the softball player? Is she that player who wants more for the team? The player that takes everything to heart?, Or could she be the one that wants people to be proud of her? Whoever she is, it’s time for her to truly find herself. That player who wants more for the team is the one who does what she can to push the team and lead them to victories. The player who doesn't think about herself, instead she thinks about others and what she can do to help them improve. She allows her knowledge and experience of the game to help her coaches come up with strategies that will help the team succeed. All that player wants is for the team to do well, to be taken seriously The player who takes everything to heart is emotional but knows when it’s time to be tough and hard. She knows she can’t let her opponents see through her. She knows she won’t let anyone break her. Why?…show more content…
I will also get the chance to learn how to be without my parents and what it truly means to be independent. Most importantly I will get to follow a career path that was truly design for me. Although playing college softball has been a dream of mine for so long I will also get to live out another dream of mine which is becoming a teacher and possibly even a doctor. Whatever the future might hold for me I will be ready because I know I’m doing things that pique my interests rather than doing something
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