Softball Player Persuasive Essay

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Everyone has a favorite hobby; one that makes their bad days better, and they’re best days great. Softball gives me these days, and it’s what I do best and my ability as a softball player comes from dedication and mental toughness. To be a successful softball player, it requires much strength, time, and energy. There isn’t a sport out that there that you don’t have to work hard at. I am constantly practicing to improve my skill that requires an excessive amount of effort because I have bad days just as everyone else, and many times I’m just plain worn out. Staying fully devoted to this game isn’t an easy task. I have to give up several weekends with my friends and family so that I may travel to tournaments, sometimes several hours away. Other times I…show more content…
On and off the field you must have unwavering confidence. This game has it’s highs and lows, and the majority of the time my confidence and self esteem likes to follow it. To be the softball player I need to be, my confidence must never waver. I need my utmost strength as I step foot in the batters’ box, or in my field position. In many things I do, self confidence is one of the qualities I lack. I have a difficult time believing in myself because I am my worst critic, and my best is never enough. I know I can exceed my best and sore beyond, but there is a point where pushing yourself goes beyond an extent and does more damage than good. In a fast game like softball your mind has to be just as quick as your ability to move, so you can’t overthink. I’m a thinker; it’s one of the things I excel in, but in this game I need more of a “less think, more do,” concept because there isn’t time for overthinking. I can go to the field and practice every day, several hours each time, but if I don’t believe in my ability nothing will change. Self confidence comes from within. No one can give it to me, or talk me into
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