Softball: The Difference Between Baseball And Softball

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Softball is a growing sport for girls within the United States. Whether you are an 8-year-old girl, to a senior in college, softball is a sport that many are attached to. In addition to softball being an already popular sport, a new form of hitting known as slap hitting is evolving the way the game is being played. Having personal experience with slap hitting, I can speak to how this style of hitting has given me an advantage when I play the game. Slap hitting has changed the way coaches and players approach both offensive and defensive play. Slap hitting over the years has evolved from not just bunting, but being able to hit home runs with this motion. Slapping is when the batter is standing on the left side of the box, making a forward…show more content…
Is to think about the difference between baseball and softball. In baseball the is the ball angle coming into the batter is different than softball along with larger dimensions on the field. Could you imagine if a baseball player were able to slap hit and place the ball right in front of the plate. So, why wouldn’t baseball teams and players want to be able to do this hitting style? I mean you get would get on base every time, because it would take a fielder longer to get to the ball. The only reason they tend not to do this in baseball is do to the fact of the way the ball comes in. With a baseball coming in at a over the time throwing position which is much harder for a hitter to be able to get the ball on the ground without popping the ball up. Since softball’s throwing position is coming from an under toss position it is much easier for a softball player to hit the ball on the ground and get on base. So, if I had the opportunity to hit the ball on the ground and get on the base safely I think I would take full advantage of…show more content…
Once the ball is placed onto the field it becomes much harder for the fielder to field the ball and get the batter out than before. Before the slap hitting really developed into what it is today the hitter was really only able to place the ball softly on the ground. As this hitting style has developed over the years slap hitting has become even harder to predict. Coaches and players are having to study the way that slap hitter is hitting in order to fully know where she is going to hit the ball. For example, a batter who hits standing out right is more likely to hit the ball into the same position time and time again. As were a slap hitting makes it so that you can almost not be able to predict it due to it being unpredictable in where the ball it going to go. After this hitting style keeps evolving at the pace it is now, who knows you might never be able to predict where a slap hitters ball is going to

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