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Abstract— Software process improvement is the need of this era. As the software industries grown up the need of process improvement increase rapidly. Software Process Improvement (SPI) includes a set of doings that will lead to an improved software process, and as significance, higher quality software provided in an anticipated time period. Different improvements have been made in the development of software process improvement (SPI) standards and models, e.g. capability maturity model (CMM), more recently CMMI, and ISO’s SPICE. This paper elaborates the overview of software process improvements, its need and different models used in the process of software quality. There are lots of Software Process Models those exist in software industry…show more content…
SOFTWARE PROCESS [1] In software engineering there are many definition of software process. “The software process is the set of steps and method that used different tools to produce high quality products.” The objective of software process is to provide an appropriate organizational constancy and good control. The software process is a framework of tasks to manufacture excellence software. (R.S. Pressman) Many example is observe in software engineering field like The Software engineering development process (SDLC), Requirements engineering process, Quality assurance process ,Change management process, Design process. "Process is a set of organized resources and activities which convert inputs into outputs. Resources may contain human resources, funds, facilities, tools, procedures and method" [ISO 9000-1 1994]. III. SOFTWARE PROCESS IMPROVEMENT The objective of software process improvement is to apply organized steps of a method to improve development process like Quality improvement, schedule reduction and Cost reduction. An organization should evaluate their structure and process to identify the weakness and success of software development process and take action to improve software…show more content…
SOFTWARE PROCESS IMPROVEMENT MODELS [7] All over the world many software companies has aim to improve their software development process, for this purpose they used many improvement models like CMM, ISO 9000 (quality standards), TickIT, Trillium, BOOTSTRAP and so on VII. CMM [8] CMM was developed as a result of research that was funded by United States Department of Defense. The purpose of this model was to improve the processes with the aim of collecting data for decision making and use this data for continuous improvement of the future. Carnegie Mellon University establishes Software Engineering Institute on the base of CMM. The original CMM was developed for software development in general. As the need arose, it was developed separately for System Engineering, Supplier Sourcing, people and other dimension of software development. All these CMM were separately defined and included set of practices for all these disciplines. They all called for continuous improvement and collection of data. CMM has 5 maturity levels each level has set of key processes; doings that, when executed together, accomplish a set of goals. Figure: 3 Maturity Level of CMM [8] A. CMM & Process Improvement:

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