Sohramb In The Kite Runner

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This is after Hassan has left the orphanage Sohrab was presumed to be, after the killing of a couple accused of adultery, where he is now at a meeting with a Talib official that he finds to be Assef, the man who raped Hassan. Amir is badly beaten when Sohrab takes out his slingshot and shoots Assef in the eye. Amir and Sohrab leave together and Amir wakes up in the hospital. This quote shows the peace that comes over Amir while he is being beaten by Assef. He finally feels like he is redeeming himself and sees himself standing up for Sohrab as also standing up for Hassan the night he was raped. He remembers trying to provoke Hassan by throwing pomegranates at him; Amir wanted Hassan to respond throwing the pomegranates back to make himself
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