Soil Erosion In Australia

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Soil erosion happens more frequently on a larger scale when there is little vegetation on land. Plants shield the rainfall impact and splash, thus letting the water spread slowly into the soil and reducing the rainfall impact. The plant type is crucial in order to have the least amount of soil erosion. Plants that have fibrous root are known to be one of the best kinds to reduce soil erosion such as the grass. During a rainfall, soil erosion is evident and is concerned more. However, people do not pay attention to soil erosion when the weather is moderate. Although it seems unnoticeable, the amount of soil lost could be damaging. The impact caused by soil erosion on crops disables the soil to store water and nutrients and creates a higher chance of runoff.…show more content…
The incident clearly showed the effect of concealed soil erosion. The farmers did not know the soil erosion was happening on their farm in early 1900 and by the 1950s, soil and water erosion had affected the growth of the crops and the cropping areas. As a result, some areas of Queensland turned out to be unusable for cropping because of the intensity of the soil erosion. In Canada, the greatest reductions in erosion risk happened in the Prairie Ecozones, where the portion of cropland with low risk of soil erosion had dramatically increased from 65% in 1981 to 84% in
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