Soil Movie Essay

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Dirt is made up of minerals, particles, and other 10’s of billion organisms that live beneath the ground according to the film “Dirt”. What a great movie it somewhat summarizes our NRES 251 soils class. The movie Dirt is about all aspects of soil such as industrial farming, urban development, mining, and how it endangers the soil. That’s not all the movie also includes scientist and farmers, and ranchers all around the world that admire dirt and believe it’s the most important thing on earth for all living things to exist. The film Dirt discuss how land formed, but also includes talking about fungi, decomposition cycle, bacteria, and microorganisms that keep the earth surface clean. There is a cool story in the film about decomposition that…show more content…
For example, wine farmers believe the ground plays a role in how the wine will taste and grow. Over 9,000 people build with dirt and if you add enzymes to it you can make a dirt paste that is still better than normal concrete. Mud floor still last longer, cheaper, and it keeps your floors cooler in hot weather. Unfortunately, over use and development of soil leads to catastrophes. Some sadness and truth in the video about over developed/ used soil leads to droughts, hunger, floods, and climate change. Coal strip mining is one habit that is contributing to environmental disasters due to chemicals being released and seeping into waterways and polluting areas. Combined with populated areas in California with large about of asphalt on the ground allows not runoff in to the ground leading to drought. Now humans are taking water from other parts of the country.
Soil is also being affected by Agriculture and affecting family farms leading to high suicides and contaminated soils. Farmers are trying to grow crops in areas that aren’t usually suitable for growing, and applying toxic pesticides and fertilizer to help the crops grow. Farmers are going out of business due to lack of money, getting sick from the toxic stuff companies are giving farmers. Now we are seeing more industrial farming and causing more harm for us and the
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