Soil Nutrients In The Philippines

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Soil is a natural medium for plant growth; hence it has a direct impact on yield and quality of crops growing in it. The inherent capability of the soil to supply adequate amounts of nutrients to the plants refers to the soil fertility status. It is an important factor for the proper growth of plants for a productive yield. The Philippines is primarily an agricultural country, producing and exporting quality crops from vegetables to fruits. According to an article of the Nations Encyclopedia, the country's main agricultural crops are rice, corn, coconut, sugarcane, banana, pineapple, mango, abaca, coffee and tobacco. The Philippines exports its agricultural products around the world, including the United States, Japan, Europe, and ASEAN countries.…show more content…
Macronutrients consists Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. These three elements form the basis of the N-P-K label on commercial fertilizer bags. As a result, the management of these nutrients is very important. Nitrogen is essential to plant growth because it is the fundamental part of the chlorophyll molecule and significant in the formation of amino acids and proteins in the plant. It must be mineralized by soil micro-organisms before the nitrogen it contains is released for plant use. Phosphorus is unique among the anions in that it has low mobility and availability in soils. It is use for photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, growth and root development. Potassium is element essential in many enzymes. It also regulates the opening and closing of the plant stomata, as well as being essential for photosynthesis and disease resistance. Exchangeable potassium can readily exchange with the soil solution to buffer changes. Plants consume a lot of potassium and this means that it can be in short supply in soil. To determine these soil primary nutrients, soil analysis or soil test is performed. Soil Test is a way in which the elements of each soil nutrients are removed from the soil through laboratory chemical analysis and soil test kits. The conventional chemical analysis takes a couple of hours to analyze the nutrients of soil. The Soil Test Kit of the Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) takes a few minutes to determine the NPK and pH level, and the analysis of the result is done manually by comparing the color of the soil with chemical reagents to the standard color

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