Sojourner Truth: A Life Of A Slave

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Born as Isabella Baumfree, Sojourner Truth was brought into slavery since the minute she was born, being forced to live an intense and labor-filled life, all the while being sold to five total slave owners . But at the age of 29, she was able to obtain her freedom, and afterwards, Sojourner Truth became the voice of change and reason during an oppressive era of human slavery. In the likes of Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, and other fellow anti-abolitionists leaders, Sojourner spoke her mind, only seeking the freedom and liberty for not only for slavery, but for the female gender . During a time where many feared to do the unthinkable, Sojourner was part of a very few group of people who stood up to the oppressive forces at the time, and…show more content…
Her family were slaves owned by slave owner Colonel Hardenbergh, and was like that until Isabelle was ten years old. At that age, the Colonel, and his heir to the slaves, Charles Hardenbergh, died, and she was bought in an auction for one hundred dollars. She would continue to be sold for a couple of more times, and suffer extreme labor and hardships for a while, until slaver John Dumont bought her and became the last slaver to own her. While Sojourner was in the hands of Mr. Dumont, she fell in love with another fellow slave, called Robert, and eventually had a baby together, who they named Diana. Although, the relationship would not last, as Roberts’ owner didn’t want him to see Sojourner; so, they were separated, and she never saw Robert again. After their separation, Sojourner was convinced to marry an older slave named Thomas, to which she did, and they had 4 kids. After many years, Sojourner was finally given freedom by the state of New York, to which she was very happy. Afterwards though, Sojourner had found out that her son, Peter, was sold illegally in the South by slaver in Alabama. Determined to get her son back, she took this case to court and fought for her sons’ freedom from the slaver. In a very rare occurrence, Sojourner actually won the case, making her one of the first few black people to win against a white male in a

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