Sojourner Truth: Abolitionist Slave

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Sojourner Truth was famous for being an abolitionist slave who would stick up for the women and men that were slaves and who didn’t have the same rights as a white man. She went through so much as a slave that she became someone famous and she was able to protest about the issues in life. Her speeches brought people’s attention and they were able to relate to the same problem Sojourner went through. After they made a law where they couldn’t hold slaves anymore, there was one owner holding her son after that law was passed. She was the first woman to win a case against a white man to get her son back. She stood up for the women who weren’t equally the same as regular men and women, white or black, women weren’t always treated right. She participated…show more content…
While she was there she met William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, and David Ruggles. She bought her first home in Florence and she prescribed her autobiography to Olive Filbert. She became a very known advocate for the women’s rights and the abolition of slavery. Her deep rich voice brought people’s attention when she first started giving her speeches. The only way she supported herself is selling portraits of herself and captioned it “I sell the Shadow to support the Substance.” She received income from the sale of her biography in 1850. In 1856 she got invited by a Quaker group called the Friends of Human Progress. She once traveled to Washington, D.C. where she met Abraham Lincoln at the White House. She tried to secure a grant of public land from the government to the former enslaved people. She did this for seven years without success. Truth was given credit with writing a song called “The Valiant Soldiers” for the first Michigan Colored Regiment. She sung it during the Civil War in Detroit and Washington D.C. Days before she died a reporter came from the Grand Rapids Eagle to interview her. After she died people starting remembering and honoring
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