Sojourner Truth: Do We Really Tell Us Today?

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Story time was always something to look forward to when going over to my grandparents house. Every time my younger brother and I visited my grandparents, we were in for a treat as my grandpa told us stories of his time during WW2, and even going back further to the Enlightenment Period, the crusades, explorations, etc. “I wonder what grandpa is going to tell us today.” Joshua, my younger brother said- anticipation embedded on his face. After a couple of minutes driving we reached our destination - a brightly yellow painted house, with a big front yard that houses so many family of flowers, and a flag pole with the flag of the United States proudly sailing in the air. Entering my grandparents house made my brother and I even more anxious,…show more content…
“Yes, she was but she was something more.” My brother mentioned my grandpa to start the story, and then it began. “ Going way back, to 1797 in New York where Sojourner Truth was born. However unlike people today, she was born as a slave; a status that would tie her down. I’m sure you kids know lots about slavery and abolitionists, but Sojourner Truth was unlike any other. Not only was she an abolitionist, but a women’s rights activist. Being separated from her family starting at an early age, she moved around farm to farm until she resided on the property of John Dumont at West Park, New York. This would probably be the starting point of her legacy. It was there were she first learned english, and met her first love with a slave from a neighboring farm. However their love story did not end happily, as they were forbidden to marry. She later ended up marrying an older slave named Thomas. Together they had a son Peter, and two daughters named Elizabeth and Sophia. Feeling confined she escaped with her infant daughter Sophia, but soon came to know that her son had been illegally sold to a man in Alabama. She took this case to court and won, becoming the first black woman to win a case against a white
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