Sojourner Truth Equality

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Isabella Baumfree, also known as Sojourner Truth, had similar achievements and dreams as Frederick Douglass. Both sought to abolish slavery and inequality towards African American people in their time period. Slavery plagued our country until it was abolished in 1865. Even after slavery was abolished, Sojourner Truth had to save her son who had been sold into slavery. Even though she wasn’t able to read or write, she was the first black women to win a case and restore her son’s freedom. She not only fought for her own family, she fought the battle for all colored women. In her speech to address the first annual meeting of the American equal rights association, she sought to educate people on the importance of equality for all. After she worked to abolish slavery, she spoke about another parallel slavery situation that could or would arise if colored women were not given the same rights as colored men. She likened it to the fact that if you give colored men the right to vote and colored women don’t get the same right, you have created another form of a slave state. In that scenario, one set i.e. colored men would have rights and the other set i.e. colored women would not, which is the foundation of slavery after all. She spoke about how when she worked in a field, men made twice…show more content…
There was always food on the table, warm clothes, and a safe place to live. I imagine this was not the same for a student whom I befriended sophomore year of high school. Not all kids come from the same environment. He was African-American and had a difficult family life. His was father was in jail and his mother had difficulty taking care of him and his two brothers. He mostly relied on the friends he made on the street and proceeded to follow in their footsteps and devout his life to crime and drugs. In addition, while everyone is entitled to a free public education, many African-American children are required to attend Abbot school
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